No reports received of tidal flooding tonight around Firth of Thames

5 June 2012, 09:00 PM

Tides on the Firth of Thames have peaked higher than usual this evening, however, Waikato Civil Defence has so far received no reports of flooding.

A flood warning was issued to residents in low-lying coastal areas late this afternoon due to the combination of a king tide, a weather system bringing strong north easterly winds and a storm surge.

The tide did peak higher than usual about 8pm, but it was 250mm below the levels which resulted in flooding on low-lying coastal areas on the Firth of Thames in January 2011.

Waikato Civil Defence will be continuing to monitor the situation as abnormally high tides are possible again tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, Waikato Civil Defence is reminding motorists across the region to be extra vigilant while travelling on the roads.

The strong winds can cause debris to blow onto roadways and the rain may cause surface flooding.

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